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For information regarding the price of our therapy services and to reserve an appointment time, please email us at

Or call us at 972-569-8255

Or text us at 972-369-6911

If something is troubling you, contact us for a complimentary phone consult to see how A Safe Place to Heal can help. During your consult, you will receive:

  • Discussion your current concerns
  • Explanation of how therapy can help and what you can expect to accomplish
  • Overview of how long you can expect to be in therapy
  • Description of techniques offered, and how they might help you

At A Safe Place to Heal, we offer a wide variety of counseling services. Individuals often contact us seeking counseling for issues such as parenting challenges, depression, anxiety, anger, and self-defeating behaviors such as drug addiction, eating disorders and perfectionism.

Couples and families contact us and seek therapy to resolve resentments that are creating distance and tension in their relationships. The learn how to talk effectively about their anger and frustrations, while at the same time building new channels of intimacy and respect into the relationships.

Through working with our dedicated therapists, individuals, couples and families are able to move through the challenges in their lives, and gain the tools and strategies to do so in the future. Working with us, clients report a deeper satisfaction in their lives – a sense of peace and commitment they had not known before.