Mikael Lövkvist, Ph.D., LPC Intern, BC-DMT

To me, counseling is a sacred and humbling profession. Because of this, it is an honor and a significant responsibility to assist you in this capacity. It is also a profound joy to be able to witness a person coming home to their true and most authentic self. In our work together, I will assist you in discovering new perspectives and finding ways to let go of your suffering.

Standing beside you as you learn about new ways to attune and respond to loved ones is profound. I believe you will feel more freed up to choose harmonious, meaningful, and joyous life paths because of our work together.

I have worked with people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship stress, anger, grief / loss, and substance abuse for many years. It is indescribably inspirational and deeply moving to witness as you begin to feel empowered. It is through this process that you are able to fully embrace all of who and what you are.

When confiding in someone whom you can trust, you can feel freer to express and be yourself. It is a privilege to watch as you let go of that which may have held you back, and to bring some clarity to that which has confused you for too long.

I can’t wait to see and hear what unfolding that you will allow. Because through counseling, growth and positive connections can occur within you and in the context of your life. I will celebrate with you the small and large life achievements and adventures that you may choose to create.

It is with the deepest sincerity, integrity, professionalism, and commitment that I offer my counseling services to you. Choosing the best therapist for you is a brave and important first step in the right direction.  I am happy to answer questions you may have, or provide information you need to make your choice.  I offer counseling services in McKinney, TX. Counseling is available for individuals, couples, teens and families. Feel free to contact me through email info@asafeplacetoheal.com or by calling 972-569-8255.

Supervised by John R. Baker, LPC-S,
License #17302, 209 Shade Tree Street, Highland Village, TX 75077, 940-368-7051