Take a moment and read over the following testimonials.  All testimonials are authored by real people who have used the counseling services at A Safe Place to Heal.  All testimonials are voluntary.  We believe it is important to hear from clients and to possibly find someone you can relate to in your search for the right therapist.  We feel humbled by the clients who have chosen to offer a glimpse into their experience as clients of A Safe Pace to Heal.  If you are interested in submitting a testimonial for the webpage, please email it to info@asafeplacetoheal and make sure you tell us what first name you would like to attach to your statement. The name can be fictitious as long as the words are real!

"I've been seeing Jeana for several years, and she's helped me by being the only person in my life who is nonjudgmental. She is the safe haven I go to who helps me see that I am indeed a person of worth, and then from that place goes on to help me figure out what I can do to make my life better. She's always there for me, and will do anything she can to help me. The entire office is professional and caring, and you feel that the moment you step in there. I would recommend her to anyone who needs kind, supportive help."
Judith G., Plano
"Jeana provided me a great deal of support and healthy and rational thinking and guidance as I transitioned out of a long, dysfunctional and toxic relationship. Jeana puts you at ease which allows you to be open about difficult and very personal subject matters."
Kurt K., McKinney
"Jeana is truly an amazing therapist. She's so insiteful and has wonderful advise. My husband and I have been going together to work on the marriage and I go individually. It's really helped me and my husband see a different side of things from some else's perspective. I love A Safe Place To Heal because I'm finally healing in ways I never could have imagined."
Kriten M., Allen
"Jeana is one of the best human beings I've ever met. Caring and compassionate she will do whatever she can to help you through your problems."
Jordan W., McKinney
"Jeana is truly a one in a million kind of therapist. Knowledgeable, kind and full of grace and empathy. She will gently guide you on your journey or give you a swift kick if you need one. Metaphorically I mean."
Amy H., Sherman
"I had been struggling with bulimia for 5 years when I called A Safe Place to Heal. Over the years, I had been to countless therapists, doctors and dietitians with no lasting results. I began seeing a therapist at A Safe Place to Heal and felt hopeful after the first session! I still struggled for quite awhile, but it has now been 6 months since I acted on any of my bulimic behaviors and I smile all the time! I forgot how life can actually feel as a happy, confident woman. My therapist helped me to rediscover my inner and outer beauty. I still attend monthly sessions for ongoing support and am so thankful I was referred to here for help!"
Kelly G., Alllen
"Jeana saved my life at a moment where I thought I had lost everything. Jeana helped me rebuild myself after more than a decade of moral and physical abuse. Jeana knows how to listen and make you feel comfortable so you can really express everything you have on your mind and in your heart. I highly recommend Jeana as your choice of therapist!"
Chrystal G., Frisco
"Love her! She has been the first person, after years of trying, that my daughter has bonded with. In a short amount of time I have seen a change and hopefully this change will continue to grow as time progresses. Thank you Jeana for bringing my child back from a dark place!"
Amy M., McKinney
"I've been with Jeana for a little over 3 years. That pretty much says it all. She's amazing!"
Sophie S., Frisco
"I can say she is the best listener. She also helps you realize your own short commings and helps guide you through your source of pain. I came away feeling better and she's very sincere in her attitude and support!!"
Lori H., McKinney
"Jeana has provided me with a safe place to heal for many months now. She has always been professional, non-judgemental, empathetic, attentive, and kind, yet direct with me in helping me navigate through the struggles I am facing. She's been an incredible partner in my journey to finding peace and strength. She is so intuitive, I often feel as if she is reading my mind even when I am not around her. I feel very fortunate that I found her."
Sara M., McKinney
"My experience working with Jeana has been awesome. My favorite part about, A Safe Place to Heal, is knowing I'm walking into a safe atmosphere and I can be real with my therapist, where healing can take place. If you can't be real or open with your councilor, you won't be able to heal. Jeana is someone I can share anything with and let her in my world. Where I'm normally guarded and shut down, I trust Jeana and let her in with my thoughts, feelings and pain. Her office is an eviroment that is warm, welcoming and a place, I am allowed to express myself freely. I always enjoy and look forward to meeting with Jeana for a number of reasons. Jeana allows me to get real and raw in my appointments. I don't hold anything back when I talk with her mentally or emotionally. I love seating on her couch and knowing whatever I process and share with her, matters to her. Jeana makes it easy to connect with and relate to. Sometimes, when I meet with her, I don't even feel like I'm in a session with her. It feels like I'm talking with a very close trusted friend. Its so important to find a therapist, who is relational. I have been able to develop a great relationship working with Jeana. I appreciate her fresh approach, open mindedness and that she is so down to earth real. Jeana is professional, trustworthy, confident, caring, kind and dedicated to her patients. I highly recommend her and have found, A Safe Place to Heal, to be a great source for me to heal on my journey & help me in my life."
Melissa G., Allen
"To begin counseling is a very brave decision because it can be frightening. I found a Safe Place to Heal on the internet. I was looking for someone to help me with an eating disorder that I have battled since childhood. At my wit's end, feeling like my life was completely out of control, I emailed my counselor to find out about appointments. I have been working with her for almost two years now. Facing my eating disorder, my low self-esteem, my depression, and my overall patterns of addiction has been so hard. It means giving up the secrets I keep. There are a lot of secrets, but in recovery, the secrets all come out. The shame, humiliation, and anxiety have lived within me for years. Today, I am closer than ever to freedom from those things. And I could not have done it without my counselor. I know she is doing her job, but she knows me better than my mom (or anyone else) does. I really feel so safe when I talk to her, like she can help me ease the pain. I've seen other counselors before for various things, but none of them have helped me the way this one has. I truly feel such gratitude for her and I know there is no way I will be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. If you feel alone, afraid, ashamed or even like you could die from your disease, call them, email them. A Safe Place to Heal could just save your life. They saved mine."
Kristen H., Allen
"Hi Jeana! I just wanted to to say I think you are such a wonderful person. I wish they had national LPC Day or something so you guys can be recognized. You are a really thoughtful and caring person. I am really glad the Lord placed you in my life you make my week every week I get to see you. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for me and help me with. I think you are such a sweet person. You are awesome:) I really appriciate having you in my life. You are such an amazing person."
Jordan G., McKinney
"I am so thankful that I found Jeana and A Safe Place To Heal. I have only been seeing Jeana for a few months but I am already beginning to see some changes. I have been living with severe anxiety for many years with it affecting every area of my life. Jeana is teaching me how to manage and deal with my anxiety. She is very easy to talk to and constantly reminds me that I am worth something. I look forward to seeing her every week!"
Michelle S., McKinney