Counselors at A Safe Place to Heal

Jeana Picture UpdatedJeana Pullen, MA, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Our work together will be empowering! Counseling will help you to find more peace in your day-to-day life by giving you the confidence to stand up strong against whatever or whomever is pulling you down! Maybe it is a relationship, or it is the way you talk to yourself? Perhaps it is old tapes  that persistently play in your head and you need to find your voice that tells them to stop! You deserve to be happy and peaceful and fulfilled. My counseling approach focuses on what is working in your life: identifying your strengths and finding solutions. Sometimes, it is also about identifying what’s not working and gaining the courage to let those things go. Often, during the first counseling session, relief is experienced from the effects of the problem that brings you into counseling. Safety in our counseling relationship is imperative! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible while dealing with potentially uncomfortable feelings. I will be real with you and we will figure this out together. I am there to walk with you in this journey. Read more about Jeana
Jessica Walker, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Whatever life struggle is bringing you here today is as unique as you are as an individual. But you are not alone, and together, we can find solutions! Perhaps depression and anxiety has stolen your joy. You may have suffered a great loss, and the cloud of grief simply will not clear.  Like so many of us, you may find that everyday stress is overwhelming you, and you need clear, practical tools to manage it. Out-of-control conflict could be threatening your marriage, or your relationship has become stagnant; you are looking for solid, proven tools to help you rebuild the trust and commitment the two of you once shared. I believe that knowledge and insight is empowering! As a counselor, I strive to provide a supportive, accepting environment to help you gain understanding and self-acceptance; to learn new ways of coping; to improve relationships; to find relief from internal distress; and to discover resolutions to specific problems. Read more about Jessica
Paula Herzog, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor
Let’s work together to help you feel better! Sometimes you are ready for the changes that life brings and sometimes you are not. You may need to process adjusting to a new role in life, work though a relationship that is causing you to feel stressed and overwhelmed, sort though fears that bring up feelings of anxiety, or move past an undesired habit. I can help you sort though the uncomfortable feelings and find some relief. Sometimes, collaborating alongside a counselor can shed new light on problems that are too difficult to look at on your own. With time, communication and openness, I can help you. Earning your trust and sticking with you through the healing process is my goal. 
Counseling can help you to find your way towards a more peaceful, fulfilling life. We will work on it together and you will find comfort in our partnership. I am not there to judge you; I am there to guide you.  Read more about Paula
Mikael Lövkvist, PhD, BC-DMT
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
I believe that at certain times and passages in life we may all long for a place where it feels safe for us to land: a time and space where we can be fully heard and accepted, and where we are offered unconditional respect, compassion, and support. 
In your own case, you may have felt overwhelming sadness, worry, confusion, loneliness, or a sense of being stuck in some challenging life situation. Or you may have gone through a life phase where you felt almost nothing at all. You may have suffered significant losses, relational stress, trauma, and conflict. Or you may be stuck in some debilitating behavioral or addictive patterns which you, deep down, desperately wish to change. If this or some other frustrating life situation troubles you, it would be my privilege to be part of your expanding support system; to be someone who offers an empathetic ear and compassionate encouragement and reflections, and someone who tries to help you feel truly you, and vibrantly alive again, so that it finally feels like your life is moving back on track. Read more about Mikael

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