Counselors at A Safe Place to Heal

Jeana Picture UpdatedJeana Pullen, MA, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Our work together will be empowering! My approach focuses on what is working in your life: identifying your strengths and solutions. Often, during the first session, relief is experienced from the effects of the problem that brings you into therapy. Safety in the relationship is imperative! I want you to be comfortable while dealing with potentially uncomfortable feelings. I am there to walk with you in this journey. Read more about Jeana
Screenshot_2014-11-16-09-10-52-1Katherine Bell Thomasy, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Therapy is a helping relationship where your well being is my top priority. In an atmosphere of privacy and trust, you can reveal yourself and grow through painful experiences. What’s different is you are not alone in getting to the other side of difficult issues so you can tap into strengths you already have, can become free to engage your life now in more enhanced, positive ways. Read more about Katherine
DSC_0027-1Belinda Delapena, MA, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
It is my belief that each of us has the innate ability and desire to lead a fulfilling life and have satisfying relationships. My intention is to create a collaborative partnership that enables clients to move away from self-blame and judgment and supports them in finding solutions that are consistent with their values and beliefs. Read more about Belinda