Are you a couple having issues within your relationship and are seeking counseling and/or therapy? A Safe Place To Heal of McKinney is here to help you resolve your issues and deal with future issues going forward.

Couples counseling can be used by any couple–from the newly engaged to long-term partners; those who want to prevent problems from happening in the first place or distressed couples who are having significant issues at this time in their relationship. We look at communication patterns, conflict management, adopting the healthy attitudes and behaviors of strong partnerships, and ways to create and enhance intimacy for the long term.

Why Counseling?

Many people today expect their primary relationships to meet most of their emotional, physical, financial social and spiritual needs. With expectations like these, it is understandable that many couples are seeking to improve their relationship. Counseling can help meet these expectations when both partners commit to a process of sincere soul searching and working through problems until they are resolved–primary relationships can become the most deeply satisfying of all human relationships, and can provide a loving safe haven from the stresses and strains of the outside world.

The Goal of Couples Counseling

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, my goal in is to work with couples until they can achieve this type of relationship on their own. When a couple finds itself “stuck”, it is often beneficial to introduce a third person, the therapist, into the couple dyad. A Couples Counseling therapist can act as a neutral observer and coach. A loving, satisfying relationship can be achieved by most individuals–but not without hard work, diligent practice and some discomfort. As we set out to improve your relationship, be aware that at times it may be a difficult and painful journey–with frustrations, challenges, and setbacks. But there will also be times of self discovery, elation, new insights and deeper levels of intimacy with your partners of the outside world.

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