Our therapists at A Safe Place To Heal are here to guide and help the family connect and communicate effectively with one another. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for all involved.

At its core, a family is a group of people playing different roles that form a single cohesive unit. When the individuals in these roles are dealing with stress or conflict that can stem from many different and unique sources, the family unit can begin to feel the strain. There are many reasons why these breakdowns can occur. The Family Counseling experts at A Safe Place to Heal are trained to guide your family down the path to reestablish and rebuild these bonds in order to reestablish the cohesiveness of your family.

However, a family does not have to be broken to benefit from our family counseling services. Many times, counseling can be proactive in nature and can get ahead of potential problems before the grow into something worse. Some of the many areas that we can help with are:

Adoption Issues

Unique issues can arise from adopting a child or introducing an adopted child into an existing family. Because of these challenges, family counseling can help to ease this transition by building trust and empathy by opening effective lines of communication.

Blended Families

When two families combine, there is the potential for problems to arise that can stem from personality conflicts, feelings of inadequacy, or rebellion against new authority figures among many other possible pitfalls. By introducing family counseling into the mix, it is possible to more seamlessly integrate two families by addressing these potential problems before they grow.

Proactive Family Counseling

As mentioned before, not all counseling is in direct response to an ongoing issue. Parents can get ahead of many family issues by acknowledging the potential for them to exist before they escalate. Family counseling is more than just patching a problem when it occurs, it is the act of building effective conflict resolution methods and communication lines that can help a strong family grow even stronger.

Marriage/Divorce Reconciliation for Children

Two of the biggest upheavals a youth can face is the life changes that come with a new marriage or divorce. Each of these situations present unique challenges that can potentially lead to long term problems that may never be fully resolved. By introducing family counseling at the onset of either of these life events, it is possibly to ease the transition into the new life that occurs after one of these major events.

Teen Behavioral Issues

As children get older and progress into their teens, they are introduced to a new series of emotions and conflicts that they can be unprepared for. Many times this can lead to issues within the family such as breakdowns in effectively communicating, disobedience, and acting out. Family counseling helps to address these issues, to resolve them in a way that strengthens the family bonds, and helps to develop effective methods of conflict resolution for the teen.

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