A Safe Place To Heal in McKinney TX offers infertility and adoption Counseling & Therapy to help you with your infertility and adoption issues.

A Word About Infertility

For many couples, having a child is not a simple matter and infertility is not an isolated event. In fact, infertility affects nearly one in every six couples in the U.S. Life events that feel out of our control can be more stressful than those that are not. Since having a child is such an important life event, the stress of infertility is considerable. Research has found that women experiencing infertility have emotional stress levels similar to cancer patients and chronic pain patients. Often couples and individuals struggling with infertility seek out help to work through their anxiety and depression surrounding a feeling of being “broken” or struggling with self-blame.

Adoption Services

For individuals, couples and families seeking to enter the adoption process or who have adopted or are adopted, there are multiple options available including services for Pre-Adoptive and Adoptive parents; Birth parents; Children, Teens and Adults who were adopted. At A Safe Place to Heal, you can explore all of the many facets of adoption with your counselor including:

  • Adoption, Post Adoption Transitioning, Adoption Attachment
  • Open Adoption Counseling for all members of the Triad
  • Adoptee Life Transitions, Attachment and Relationship Issues
Pre-Adoptive Families
  • Decide whether adoption is right for you
  • Come to decisions with your partner
  • Learn about communication with birth parents
  • Create an adoption profile
  • Learn how to define the parameters of adoption situations you would be comfortable accepting.
  • Decide about a particular adoption situation
  • Dealing with an adoption fall-through or failed Match
Adoptive Families
  • Transition your child home from an orphanage or foster care
  • Build attachments
  • Understand and plan strategies for difficult behaviors or emotions
  • Deal with sibling issues
  • Learn how to talk to your child about adoption
  • Plan how you will share difficult information
  • Process Open Adoption issues
  • Support identity in your Trans-racial Adoptive Family

Children, Teens and Adults who were adopted often seek counseling for a number of life circumstances including a desire to:

  • Discuss feelings and thoughts in a safe, neutral setting
  • Explore issues related to adoption, race or identity
  • Prepare for life transitions that may be especially difficult
  • Prepare for Search and Meeting or Reunion
Birth Parents
  • Expectant mothers’ trying to choose between parenting or placing for adoption
  • Birth-parent and Birth-mother/First mom Counseling and Grief
  • Birth-parent and Adoptee Reunion

To schedule an appointment please call 972-569-8255. If you have questions and would like to talk with a counselor prior to your first visit, please feel free to email us directly at info@asafeplacetoheal.com

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