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Counseling is a process of change.
A Safe Place To Heal is a place for you to explore your life without judgment.

Counseling Services

Individual, Couples, & Family

Couple Counseling

Are you a couple having issues within your relationship and are seeking counseling and/or therapy? A Safe Place To Heal of McKinney is here to help you resolve your issues and deal with future issues going forward.


Depression Have you been living with depression? Showing symptoms of depression? Safe Place To Heal of McKinney TX are happy to help you not only recognize your depression but also fight it.


Are you in need of therapy & counseling for anxiety or feelings of anxiousness? A Safe Place to Heal offers stress management sessions to help you conquer your anxiety issues.

Eating Disorders

A Safe Place To Heal of McKinney TX can help you overcome eating disorders with therapy & counseling. We will help you fight your eating disorder struggles head on.

Grief & Loss

Dealing with grief and loss can be difficult. A Safe Place To Heal of McKinney TX can help you through loss and grief counseling & therapy. You will not only learn the stages of grief but how to fight it.

Self - Esteem

Having issues with self-esteem? A Safe Place To Heal in McKinney TX can help with our self-esteem therapy & counseling services impove your self-image.

Our Counselors

Jeana Pullen, MA, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Our work together will be empowering! Counseling will help you to find more peace in your day-to-day life by giving you the confidence to stand up strong against whatever or whomever is pulling you down! Maybe it is a relationship, or it is the way you talk to yourself? Perhaps it is old tapes  that persistently play in your head and you need to find your voice that tells them to stop! You deserve to be happy and peaceful and fulfilled. 

My counseling approach focuses on what is working in your life: identifying your strengths and finding solutions. Sometimes, it is also about identifying what’s not working and gaining the courage to let those things go. Often, during the first counseling session, relief is experienced from the effects of the problem that brings you into counseling. Safety in our counseling relationship is imperative! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible while dealing with potentially uncomfortable feelings. I will be real with you and we will figure this out together. I am there to walk with you in this journey. 

Megan Bosler, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I believe that change occurs best within an authentic relationship between client and therapist. Along with the client I create a friendly and caring environment in which you can feel safe to explore and express your authentic self.

Through this relationship I believe you will feel more able to go into the world feeling joyous and alive. I seek to assist you to be better able to connect to others in relationships, as well as to genuinely express yourself in work and play. 

You may be skeptical or uncertain about seeking therapy, as it can be a difficult decision. Perhaps you find yourself in a period of transition or difficulty and are seeking support or an objective perspective. You may be experiencing some out of the blue anxiety or sadness, or dealing with long standing patterns that you find troubling and are feeling unhealthy. 

Whatever your situation, therapy is one viable option, and serves as a source of growth and relief for many people.

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What People Say

Client Testimonials

"Best counselor ever!! I don’t know where I would be if I had not met Jeana. She’s the best! I can tell her anything. She has been there for me through a rough break up, finishing college, starting nursing school and now dealing with this crazy pandemic! I feel lucky to have such a caring, amazing counselor!”
Lynne A.
"We have had an excellent experience working Jeana! We were seeking marital counseling because we felt like roommates. Things are so much better now! I don’t think we would have made it through the quarantine if we had not started counseling months before all of this happened..:
Davis S.
"I highly recommend the counselors at A Safe Place to Heal. Professional, personable, punctual and knowledgeable. Our counselor was invaluable to my after we found ourselves facing some blended family stress. Making transitions was difficult, but she helped us get through it and we are doing great!”
Thumbtack Customer
“I think what I like best about working with A Safe Place to Heal is how easy it is to get in touch with my counselor. It seems like nowadays its so hard to get your healthcare provider on the phone! All I have to do if I need to change an appointment or ask a quick question is send a text message directly to my counselor! ”
Thumbtack Customer
"I am so happy I found my counselor at A Safe Place to Heal. My family doctor recommended her and he was right! Our family has benefited since the first time we met with our counselor. I am grateful and highly recommend their services.."
Thumbtack Customer
"We have had a very positive experience! My marriage is so much better after counseling with A Safe Place to Heal. We are so grateful we made that call. We now attend monthly sessions to stay on track, but started with weekly appointments a couple of years ago.”
Thumbtack Customer