Feeling lonely, betrayed, frustrated, confused, stuck or any combination of these emotions impairs our ability to live the life we desire. Marriage Counseling focuses on strengthening relationships, creating lasting solutions, and restoring hope. A Safe Place to Heal provides this to instill hope and promote wellness within your relationship.

Why should I consider Marriage Counseling?

1. One or both partners has had an affair, or when one or both partners consider having an affair.

There is no instant fix for recovering from an affair. But if both partners are committed to marriage counseling process and commit to being honest, the marriage may be able to heal.

2. When partners can not effectively communicate to resolve differences.

Communication in marriage is not about understanding each other, communication is instead about seeing and hearing what another person thinks and feels and understanding what that means. Our trained Marriage counselors can help teach individuals how to listen to what those closest to them are trying to convey.

3. Communication has become mostly negative in nature.

When Dealing with another person at a relationship type setting, we are often so ready to force blame to the other person for how THEY are making US feel, without considering how our words make them feel. A Safe place to Heal helps individuals and couples recognize and rework their negative communication patterns and attitudes.

4. If one or both partner feels like the relationship is only there for the sake of the children.

Most divorcing parents’ greatest fear is the effect it will have on their children. Children sometimes will feel that the unhappy situation is somehow their fault. This can lead to depression and withdrawal, or anger and acting out in children. Unintentionally, you can cause your children to feel guilty and insecure about their home life. It is very important to sit down with a therapist and discuss what is best for the relationship and the children.

5. When one partner begins to act out on negative feelings, or shows signs of anger or abuse.

Successful communication strengthens the family bond and makes it less likely that issues will spill over into physical abuse. Communicating effectively begins with the couple. Marriage Counseling can help teach effective communication skills.

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