A Safe Place To Heal of McKinney TX offers LGBTQIA+ affirming Counseling & Therapy.

“I Really Don’t Need To Talk About My Sexuality”

Most LGBTQIA+ clients seek out counseling because their problems have nothing to with their sexual preference. If you are like these clients, you want therapy for depression or anxiety or other personal problems, to recover from a life crisis like a broken relationship, or for help with couple or family issues. A Safe Place to Heal understands this and won’t be asking you lots of irrelevant questions about your sex life or your first gay experiences when you want help for, say, an eating disorder or work place stress. First and foremost, A Safe Place to Heal is for all kinds of people.

But Sometimes Sexuality IS An Issue

Some people DO come to therapy because of something related to an alternative lifestyle and for these problems no one has comparable wisdom and experience. In some cases, people seek help when they are uncertain of their sexual or gender identity or feel that it may be changing. It is not always easy to know where your primary preferences lie. Our counselors can help you confront these difficult issues in a nurturing and accepting environment. Other times clients know their sexual orientation, but fear and dislike this identity. Their own ingrained ideas about sexuality may leave them feeling shame and self-hatred, something called internalized homophobia. Because of this, they may be unable to form healthy relationships or even friendships. They may be isolated and lonely, depressed, even suicidal. Our therapists have helped many such people living an alternative lifestyle replace shame and self-criticism with pride and contentment with self.

Yet other clients don’t experience this shame, and feel quite comfortable with their identity, but are concerned about the often painful experience of coming out to their family, friends, or coworkers. Still others seek our help because they are in a heterosexual relationship and need guidance and support. They may decide to come out to their partner, or not. They may come out to their partner and work out an arrangement where they can remain in the relationship, or they may leave. Although there is no one right answer; our therapists will help you find the solution that works for you.

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